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On-line repeat prescription ordering service

Important Note

This prescription ordering webpage will be decommissioned soon.   We are now asking our patients to use one of the several new services that link up directly to the the NHS's Electronic Prescription Service.

You can use any of these new services to request your repeat prescriptions.  Some allow you to track your appointments, check your symptoms, send e-consultations, view your medical record and even have video consultations with your doctor.

Please look at these new services and choose one that suits you best...

The NHS App.

These services all offer "apps" for those with smartphones, but both Evergreen & Echo can also be used on a computer (PC or Mac) to order your prscriptions.

Prescriptions ordered electronically using any of the above tools mostly bypass the receptionists and go straight to the doctor.

Please make sure we have your mobile telephone number for any queries we might have regarding your requests.

If you are taking regular medication, you can order your prescriptions on this page. You can order up to 6 different prescription items at a time - use the form repeatedly if you need to order more than 6 items.

This message is sent through the standard internet email service. Many of you will know that standard internet email is not a secure way to exchange messages. For this reason, this form only sends the first three letters of your surname & first name. Please do not include your address anywhere in your messages and please do not include any very personal or sensitive detail in your message.
Your patient number
Find this number on the counterfoil of your last prescription
Or, enter the 1st three letters of your Surname and First name Surname   First Name
(required only if you do not know your unique practice number)
Your date of birth  DD/MM/YY Format Please
Your email address
Your telephone number
Your mobile number
Please provide your mobile number if you have one. It makes it easier for us to contact you and lets us send "text" reminders & other brief messages.
What do you want done with your prescription?


Please use the format "Name, Form, Strength & Dosage" to tell us what you need,
e.g. Atenolol, tablets, 50mg, one daily